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IFH is one of the leading residential home builder in Atlanta area in Georgia. With our year-rich construction history, we are able to go beyond your expectations. Led by Mr. Art, we are a team of capable designers, architects, and artisans, a team that can do miracles, shaping up homes of your dreams.

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Why Build a Residential House in Atlanta with Ingleston?

Customization: Experience the joyous journey of creating your dream home with us, where you can design your home to reflect your unique style and preferences.

Energy Efficiency: All our homes are built to be environmentally conscious, with energy-efficient features that lead to cost savings and reduced ecological impact.

Location: Embrace the advantages of our carefully chosen locations, strategically situated in Atlanta’s most desirable neighborhoods, offering convenience and enhancing your lifestyle.

Transparent Cost: We believe in transparency, providing clear and accurate cost breakdowns throughout the building process, fostering trust with our clients.

Timeline: We efficiently manage our residential construction projects in Atlanta, ensuring timely completion while maintaining the highest quality standards. This commitment not only saves you time but also eliminates unnecessary hassle.

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Residential Construction Services

What’s Included in Our Residential Home Building Services?

1. Design:

Our talented team of architects and designers collaborates closely with clients to bring their visions to life. Whether it’s a modern masterpiece or a classic design, we work diligently to create personalized and innovative home plans.

2. Planning:

Our meticulous planning process involves thorough site evaluations, permits acquisition, and a clear project timeline. We aim to streamline the entire construction journey for a seamless and efficient experience.

3. Construction:

We are renowned for our top-notch construction services. We utilize the finest materials and cutting-edge building techniques, ensuring that each project is built to the highest standards of quality and durability.

Unique Offerings and Specialties:

1. Sustainable Building Practices:

We have an energy-efficient approach. We use Eco-friendly materials, striving to minimize the environmental impact of our projects while providing stylish living spaces with complete comfort.

2. Smart Home Integration:

Ingleston Family Homes is at the forefront of technology integration in residential construction in Atlanta. We offer smart home solutions that provide homeowners with advanced automation, security, and energy management systems, enhancing comfort and convenience in their daily lives.

3. Renovation Expertise:

Our team has the expertise to revitalize existing homes, incorporating modern elements while preserving their unique character and charm.

4. Personalized Customer Experience:

Our customer-centered approach ensures that each homeowner’s needs and preferences are met, resulting in a truly personalized and enjoyable building experience.

Examples of Past Projects


Old Cartersville Rd

IMG 0271 scaled

East Paulding



Our Process

Here is our step by step home building process that leads to a delivery par excellence.

  1. Initial Consultation
  2. Design and Planning
  3. Material Selection and Pre-construction
  4. Construction and Project Management
  5. Final Inspections and Handover
  6. Customer Satisfaction and Post-completion Support


Providing Residential Construction Services across Atlanta Area

We proudly serve the following areas:
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Financing Options

We provide a variety of financing solutions to home buyers in Atlanta, including:

  • Mortgages
  • Construction Loans
  • Down Payment Assistance Programs

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We offer fully custom home designs, allowing you to create a personalized living space that perfectly suits your vision, preferences, and lifestyle.